Tuesday, 8 December 2009

A week of worrying

....for nothing. I've been living in limbo all week for nothing.

It seems the op isn't going to happen. Another change in cream has encourage faster healing, so it seems a skin graft is unlikely to happen. Medically it should have happened 6 and a half weeks ago when the burn happened, but it seems for psych reasons they chose a conservative treatment programme. I understand their reasons why, being based on their previous psych related patients & re-opening skin graft/surgery wounds, i understand why they thought it wasn't the right time for me to have surgery whilst still in an "acute state" as the doctor phrased it last week. What they didn't know about me is that i have never removed a suture, not even one i have put in myself. However what i didn't know was that i would overdose within the next few days/weeks, i don't even remember how long after it was now.

At least this means i can go to the gym and maybe join too. The hour class today was good and i also clocked the pedometer up to 13,000 steps - just over 8km approximately. Mum doesn't want me getting obsessed - but obsessed if better than the mess i've become.

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