Saturday, 19 December 2009

Once i start....

.....i can't stop!

Why is it that once i start eating, just once little thing extra, or one thing that i wouldn't normally have, i just can't seem to stop? I want more and more.

Even on a day when i've eaten reasonably well, if i have one chocolate, i can't seem to stop at that one. I just want one after another. I wouldn't quite class it as a binge (large quantities in a small amount of time) but more just constant picking/slowly eating. Like i say its not stuffing my face, just more a case of eating something then trying to resist and within 10-15 minutes find myself wandering around the kitchen looking for something else. I try and put the cravings off with a low calorie hot chocolate but its so much worse when mum & D are home. More stressful? Emotional eating? I don't know.

If anyone can give me some theory/science behind this, i'd be really grateful. Also if anyone can't advise me how to prevent this, i'd really appreciate the advice.

Yay, dinner party tonight! Another night of stuffing my face, as a three course meal is served. Having tasted the crumbs of the chocolate and cointreau cake..... i think resistance is extremely futile! Oh well back to the gym Monday - both morning and afternoon i feel!! I'm still kind of shattered after my first 3 days back in the gym right now, or rather just even more tired than i was before.

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milly-fairy said...

I am exactly the same. If I don't eat anything then I am ok, but as soon as I start eating I think pick for the rest of the day. I often don't eat until my mum gets home in the evening, which realaly annoys her, but I know that if I start eating earlier then I will just graze all day! I wish I had some advice, but unfortunately I don't. It is very frustrating though, and I can certainly relate.

Susie said...

Its good to know i'm not alone - not that i guess i thought i was, but its still good to know.

I try and hold out til mum gets home too, but i know thats not going to help my metabolism much!

By the way i added you as a friend on LJ, seems my old account still works!

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