Friday, 11 December 2009

Reasons i don't .....

A) ...Eat out often

  1. i am far far too indecisive & can cope with deciding what will be ok to eat.
  2. i have not control over amounts - i.e the girl serving has a different idea of "just a little" sauce to my idea (although compared to the person before me it clearly was 'a little', plus she obviously thought it was a little as she didn't charge me the extra 50p for the sauce, which was actually houmous)
  3. There are never ultra healthy options
  4. i always stress about it afterwards

B)...drink alcohol

  1. well according to the lady giving alcohol in M&S, its no bad thing as i don't look my age. On telling her that i was 23 so was unlikely to change my mind about not drinking (she thought when i grew up it would change), she exclaimed "23??!! what have you been doing?!" I was tempted to say "i've lived my life 3 stone underweight for the last 3 years" but with mum there i resisted and before i could say anything the lady quickly proclaimed that it was my abstinence from alcohol that has given me my youthful looks
  2. but i realised in the car on the way home that the reason i don't drink, is because i really don't see the point in wasting my calorie allowance on fluids, which won't solve my stupid hunger issues.

C) ...Go out more than i do

  1. because i really can't handle looking at/seeing slim, skinny girls/women. It's driving me mad. a women sat opposite us on the tube and crossed her slender legs, in black leggings. "i used to be able to cross my legs like that i thought". I look down and all i see are short stubby legs, than are more like tree trunks or hippo legs - to go with the hippo shaped backside i have developed.

Perhaps i should stop before i descend into a complete pathetic wallow of self pity.

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