Wednesday, 2 December 2009

How hard can it be?

Simple decision. To have a hair cut and head massage or not.

How hard can it be??!! i can afford financially have both things, i have the £50 in my wallet. But is it that i feel i don't deserve it? As K always says "Is this down to guilt, again?"

Do i want my hair cut? Do i want the head massage? I don't know. Why do i not know? Its not exactly a hard decision! The more i don't know how i feel or what i want the more angry and upset i get. Its so pathetic - i'm crying over getting my hair cut FFS!

If i can't make a simple choice like this - how am i ever going to make any decisions in life?

Well the appointment is made already, so maybe if i leave it i'll just have to go through with it. But am i then going to hate every moment of it? and regret it big time, afterwards?

Why is it so hard?

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