Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Post Christmas Crash


  • Uncontrollable tears
  • Use of sleeping tablets at 10am
  • Sleeping until 1pm
  • Sudden loss of the insatiable appetite
  • having a light lunch then heading back too bed.

Although the above could just be due to being extremely over tired for having to keep the happy face on at the grandparents for 3 days. Plus i think the turkey may have been a little too pink for someone working in food hygiene....... no major upset stomach but its not totally happy.

The cold i caught off mum which left me sneezing all evening last night, didn't exactly help my energy levels.

Maybe more about Christmas stresses when i'm a little more awake. I never made it to the gym today, and even though part of me feels bad - its not a very big part which shows me that i'm either too tired or too depressed for even that, which is not a good sign. I ate far too much, most of the chocolates & a couple of mince pies were in secret, on top of everything else. I'm was too scared to get on the scales yesterday & in fact just the thought of it reduced me to tears, but today...... I can't even seem to enjoy one of my favourite films so far thats on now.

Not hungry, not bothered and in part not even really awake.

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