Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Notes from the day

Todays points of interest, points to remember and other bits.....

  • Arm now healed
  • Nice Burns nurse called almost everyone to try and get me help, but sadly by the time she got through to K, i was already in hospital after the OD.
  • I can easily survive on a liquid (diet coke) lunch due to the extra weight i am carrying and need to burn off & use up.
  • Tescos is not the place to pick up bits you've run out of at this time of year. Remember to get it all and enough of it (whatever that maybe - more diet coke in my case!) when you do the main shop!!!
  • Do buy things that you didn't go in for in the first place - as something is bound to go wrong!! (frozen crabs with no barcodes in my case)
  • if you act all innocent and lost on your first time at the gym, the nice 'fitness motivator' will spend half hour focussed on you, doing a 1-2-1 session using boxing pads alternating with the treadmill. Helps also that its quiet during the day at the gym
  • Never answer the mobile if there is no number when it rings. Luckily i missed the call from Dr L, however the voicemail message said she'll try again tomorrow. At least i know to watch out for that!

Trouble is hearing that message then sent me into a major flap. Why was she calling? I'd only seen her yesterday. Had she spoken to K and discovered all the things i had neglected to tell her? Had she decided she wanted to seen me before the end of January, owing to what she had found out? Major panic all round. Which leads me to my next point.....

  • Don't go for a power walk/jog when its been snowing, even if it was only a light covering. You get wet feet and very cold hands.

Ok brain is giving out. Day 4 of 4 tomorrow, with the gym after the appoinment. Maybe i can do the lost/innocent look at this one too!

Oh and on the down side at the gym - i couldn't try out the power plate, as there was a warning about fresh wounds from surgery, and i really didn't want to risk extending the healing time of my stomach further.

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