Saturday, 12 December 2009

Carrie Arnold on the Paradox of Choice

Another post about choice.

@ ED Bites

Blogger and my laptop are being bastards and i can't seem to post a direct link.

(excuse the language but i'm about to throw the laptop across the room - probably due to weekend stress and over-eating-at-lunch stress. Mum made fish soup and a roll and i couldn't control myself :( ....... very very angry. and once i start eating i just seem to feel constantly hungry.)

EDIT: this is what i originally tried to post:

"I know i'm not alone in my struggles on choice especially when it comes to food, but after yesterdays posts about my choosing lunch, and also in fact a snack in the afternoon, which mum and i were to share (why did i have to choose?!), and almost fell out over i felt i should mention this post by carrie @ ED bites"

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Anonymous said...

*Sighs* I don't really have any words of encouragement Ms Belle, only to say that I'm thinking of you. You sound like you're going through hell at the moment, and it's awful to know seeing as you've been through so much already. Sending you a virtual hug, or 10.

Lola x

Susie said...

thank you Ms Snow, i know you are having a really tough time too. i would hav left a message, had i had something constructive to say.

seekngsane said...

can share your pain. Have some emotional challenges myself.Mostly don't like when stupid people lie to talk about me negatively as I pass or in ear shot and get sad,fearfulanxious. see my blog on blogger.

Was closer to sane but now is redirected to dropaholics and google or blogger offer no help as to how to fix it,ugh.


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