Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas Day

I am not a child anymore. I have not had the childlike belief in Father Christmas for a long while now. So why does my body feel the need to wake up at 6.45am!!! I think the festive stress is truly getting to me now.

It certainly did last night, starting in the form of a double portion of banana and custard (custard powder made up with skimmed milk and sweetener in my defence!)for pudding, 2 mini curly wurlies, a 'posh' chocolate and a Jordan's raisin cereal bar. Other slip ups during the day include a full-to-the brim bowl of fruit and fibre which at least prompted me to get myself to the gym but i could only manage 3 quarters of the "have your cake and eat it" workout which supposedly works off a set amount of calories. The idea being you keep going on the piece of equipment until it says you've burnt off so many calories. At least it gives me some structure in the gym.

But then i went to Tesco, which was shockingly quiet for 11am on Xmas Eve. I guess many people hadn't finished work yet. Mum & D didn't finish until 1pm ish. I had to get some bits for mum and i did a bit of my own bargain hunting - where they mark LOADS of stuff down over the course of the day, because they will be closed for 2 days. Basically the deal is if you find anything with a date on it saying 'Display by' for the days they are closed (so the 26th, 27th & 28th this year!!) then they should reduce it in price. 'Yellow sticker hunting' we like to call it, although obviously other supermarkets have different colours, i think most of the others are orange of some shade or another.

So i came home with the shopping, which included a bag of muesli.......oh dear........ so i helpfully put in into the muesli container......whilst picking out a few lots 50% (maybe) of the raisins. I have such (yummy) issues with dried fruit. I could live on it!!

Anyway, I've been up an hour and I've managed to have an options hot chocolate. Perhaps I'm not hungry after last night.

I think a lot of the problem may be down to that horrible monthly female event - The Period. It would certainly explain for the vast increase in chest/breast size. I've never been over a 34C before - but i am certainly no longer a 34 band size, as i wore one for a couple of hours at most before i had to take the damn thing off, and it have left an imprint and red mark around my torso. As for cup size - goodness knows. When i lost my female figure i changed to wearing sports tops which i must say i find less restrictive. However if i could find a comfortable yet containing bra, low cut tops would no longer be an issue. Certainly not at this time of the month at least!

So hopefully with the increase in my chest being caused by that, hopefully some most of the bloating of my stomach will be too. Although i don't expect i will see a difference given that we are off to my grandparents for 3 days where i expect there will be little fruit, although not totally unhealthy. We're not talking burgers, pizzas, chips, deep fried etc. just not the fruit stocks like we have - here our stocks overflow into the garage to keep them cool!

Oh well its Christmas, i must just make sure i get myself out the house and to the gym every weekday at least in the new year.

Have a Merry bearable Christmas everyone.

Take Care



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