Monday, 7 December 2009

Is this a sign?

I plucked up the courage, packed my gym bag, got in the car (which stinks to high heaven because i had rain come through a crack somewhere during the very high winds and rain last week!) and drove down to the gym.

Only to be greeted by a lady who looked at me and said "Er....We're closed. Didn't you get the members email?"

"I'm not a member........yet." i replied.

Luckily the girl who had given me the guest pass on Saturday, was there and gave me a tour through the chaos (They are open 7 days a week, today happened to be the one day they were closed to install their new cardio floor), and taking my details so i can return tomorrow to try the boxercise class.

It just felt like it was a sign, telling me that this was a bad idea. Although having taken a photo of myself for a profile picture today, the pregnant look reminded me why i severely need to go. Hopefully once i start seeing some results, it will encourage me. I'm almost hoping that the anorexic exercise addiction will kick in and i will just end up staying there all day!

Anyway whilst i was out i went to the nearby shops and did some chistmas shopping for some ill children. Something that doesn't have to take long to do, and everyone should give a go - visit to find out more.

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