Monday, 20 April 2009

Truths and Tears

Lots of words said between me and mum last night. She still doesn't seem to appreciate how much distress last week caused me with my out of control appetite. She said i look like i have a bum now!

So after yesterdays diet "the old way" (apart from 3 mini choccie bars after the arguments/heated discussion) i'm trying again with the "eat what/when i want" and actually i've had a mini choc bar, a hot cross bun, some cheese and a bowl of porridge and you know what i feel like i can stop. The niggeling feeling is still there but it's managable. I hope.

Anyway i need to get off my backside and go and see the Boss Man at the farm, who i expect will now let me work. At least i hope he will. Might have to stop off at the local farm shop to see if they have anything on my list of cravings just so i can cross them off.... any excuse!

oh and my weight did settle down a bit, only a lb but i think it shows it will take a while to even out after a week of stuffing myself.

Anyone got anything they think i should try or add to my "to eat" list?

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