Sunday, 19 April 2009

Backdated - Wednesday 15th, First day by the sea.

Well it seems old habits die hard. I stopped at the services on the way down, needing a drink. Of course as calories no longer matter i thought i might try something other than a diet coke. Hmmm, ok so maybe calories do still matter. Over 300kcal for a bottle of Mars milkshake type drink. I found i wasn’t really willing to go with that yet (or ever i think!) so i settled with a diet Irun Bru and bought an apple to. That was after a breakfast of a huge bowl of Branflakes and Maple and Pecan Crunch, and the a Slice of toast.

I stopped at Tescos to pick up some salad bits, and left with a 150g bag of dried baby figs too. So quite controlled i think.

Made it to the Fish place/shop and got myself a cooked crab for dinner.

Had a coleslaw sandwich for lunch with some cucumber in there too and a mandarin to finish.

I got my family history research out and we all spent a good few hours looking at bit and grandpa bought out and old writing desk and some old coins dating back to 1797!!!

While i was sat there i could hear anprexia calling. “you’re eating all these extra calories and sitting on your arse getting fat...MOVE!”

So i decided to go for a walk. I walked down one hill and up the other side. Found my way to a Forfars Bakers – they had my obsession – Bread pudding! So i decided to take that back for my afternoon snack. But knew i couldn’t go out on my own without having more than one thing. So ended up walking back with a Toffee Crisp. Anorexia was with when i was chosing the chocolate bar. Double Decker? Yorkie? Lion? More calories in a Yorkie, shouldn’t have that.

Hmmm oh well, i guess i shouldn’t have thought i’d lose my tag along over night. I did think it was a bit to good to be true.

Anyway i should go and get my dinner ready – only 5.30 but they eat earlier that us at home.

Grandpa is pushing things a bit but i think i’m fending him off quite well.

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