Sunday, 28 March 2010

Before Day 2 (contains graphic gorey dream description)


A short nights sleep of 6 hours filled with horrendous, gorey, gruesome nightmares - well one part was like a horror movie.

This mans insides seemed to fall out & i was then looking at to men - one was his insides and the other........ just skin and bones on his body (ok, just thinking about the meaning of that as i'm typing it..... wonder is that part was significan at all?)

Anyway the eyes went with the insides, so there was a pair of floating eyeballs on top of a string of human intestines/organs.

Now i wasn't watching anything on TV last night, nothing during the day....we'd been playing a monopoly card card for a couple of hours before bed.

Why? could a couple of scratches - which was no-where near the damage i wanted to cause, and still feel i need to cause - cause a dream like that? it never has in the past.

Anyway time to just this short as everyone else has now got up, an hour a half after i managed to sneak downstairs watched Casualty (which i recorded last night, so that didn't cause the dream!), so yes - time to find my box of smiles (i'm going to seriously need to restock on plastic smiles after this week) and turn into the host again. Starting with breakfast - number 2 for me really, as i've already had 3 pieces of fruit & a hot choc. I do like organising and laying the table though. Things in line & in order etc.

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