Monday, 8 March 2010

Not enough

Why does my attempts at exercise feel like its not enough? Why do i still feel like i'm eating far too much? Why do i still feel like i look 3 months pregnant?

Managed to keep inside the calorie GDA (although i'm sure i read somewhere that apparently the female GDA is an underestimation) today but it still felt like a massive overeat. Compare to last weeks daily intake, i suppose it was, for the last 3 days (certainly over the weekend) i've eaten double the amount or calories i ate monday to thursday last week.

As for exercise, well i got to the gym half an hour before my class, so did 20 minutes in the gym before going upstairs to jump up and down (which my joints really don't like) for the first half of the class, then swing some weights around with some sit ups and stretches to finish. Its a great hour long class, with a wonderful instructor who when i broke down on one day, confided in me that she's been on a psych ward and suffers from Bipolar. I feel safe in her class, knowing she's keeping an eye on me. And i know she does, as she caught me staring into space today and snapped me out of it, encouraging me to go fora swim after the class. Which is what i did. I'd said to T at the time, that swimming didn't feel like enough but my knees and ankles hurt so much (i forgot the painkillers this morning) after bouncing up and down in T's class, that i changed my mind.

So after 30 minutes of up and down the fast lane, breaststroke, backstroke & front crawl, i dragged my shrivelled fingers & toes out to get changed. At which point i had a huge wobbly moment & called mum too ask if it was too late to change my mind about meeting her for lunch- which of course it wasn't. After lunch i decided i could squeeze in a quick gym dash before getting home to watch House (i'm catching up on series 1).


  1. 20 minutes gym (bike & cross trainer)
  2. 1 hour class
  3. 30 minutes swimming
  4. 20 minutes (row, bike, cross trainer & treadmill - 5 each)
Why does that not feel like enough? I was contemplating going back to another gym this afternoon, however i rearranged a personal training session (that i cancelled due to illness a couple of weeks ago) for tomorrow morning, so i decided i should conserve my energy for 9.30am tomorrow when i will be pushed out of my comfort zone. And if i survive, i have a pilates class 15 minutes after that.

And i'm sure that won't feel like enough either.

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Bippidee said...

It will never feel like enough. It is like losing weight - however much you lose you want to lose more, it doesn't seem like enough. Exercise is the same for some people, and it does seem like it is a problem for you.

Regarding the GDA, I think it varies enormously from person to person. If I eat 2000kcal I gain, no question about it. But some people can eat more than that and maintain. Obviously again, exercise comes into play - I only do a couple of hours a week, so you would need to eat more than I would to maintain because of the ammount of exercise you do. And some people just do have much faster metabolisms than others - my mum absolutely never gains weight, and is tiny, but eats a lot more than I do.


Susie said...

I just feel so angry because i managed to lose weight before so why can't i do it again? where am i failing?

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