Saturday, 20 March 2010

Psychology department - stress before they start

I was expecting a letter from Terry Pratchett, but instead i get a letter from the department based in a town i rarely step foot in, asking if i would like a psychology consultation

No! I don't want a consultation/assessment to discuss my "difficulties, which is a very important way of reaching an understanding of them" or "how psychotherapy could help" me. And i don't need your "leaftlet explaining what psychotherapy is" & how i "may find it helpful".

I didn't request to see a consultant- i was told i was going to see one - a specific one - Terry Pratchett with the hat. I wasn't told i should wait until an appointment "is available", once i returned a form.

And i certainly don't want to fill in "a Personal questionaire" that you "will also send" me. If you want to know my history, do your job and READ MY F***ING NOTES!!! There must be a dozen personal questionaires in there anyway. I mean we all know you 'professionals' don't give a damn what we say to you anyway and will simply listen to what other 'professionals' have said instead. But then having ordered copies of my notes once, about 6 years ago, and recieved 4 two inch thick envelopes i can see why you can't be bothered to go through it all. But i have given Dr L a summary of all 'professionals', medications & hospital admissions previously. And anyway Terry Pratchett asked my permission to contact my last psychotherapist who i got on very well with.

Needless to say after opening and reading the letter, followed by some crying/sobbing, it was duely thrown as far as i could across the room. It flew a couple of metres.

I don't plan to send the form back, i plan to call them (possibly) and tell them what i think. I think something along the line of "i didn't request this - i was told it was going to happen. So stick to what i was told & stop screwing me around!" I think mum is planning on calling someone at the CMHT too.

Must dash i have to be digging/collecting some manure that mum wants in half hour & we're still finishing breakfast in our PJs!

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