Friday, 26 March 2010

Stress levels @ Max

Stress levels are peaking, so much to do today even though the dentist just called to cancel.

Stress levels = appetite increase. Already an extra cereal bar & a couple of handfuls of cereal this morning.

Need to leave the house & go to the gym. Right Now before i eat something else.

And the family (all 2 of them) haven't even arrived yet..........oh help.

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The Woollen Typist said...

What's causing your stress?
Hope you are able to destress soon.

Take care. xx:)

Susie said...

stress seems to be coming from every angle. Hopefully it will decrease when our visitors have left in a weeks time (when i can get back to the gym & not have to eat out constantly!), but the psychology department continues to screw me up even more before they start & then there's my normal stress levels bubbling along as usual.

Needless to say by the time i'd done 30 mins in the gym and worked flat out in my Leg, Bums & Tums class, taking the hardest option at every stage, and not giving in, it bought my emotions to a head and i was ready to cry. But it wasn't over, i had pilates to go & them walk into town as fast as i could.

thank you for the smiley. My face is struggling to find unforced ones right now.


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