Saturday, 30 January 2010

Oneway street

Scene 1 - In the Lounge

TV is on. Susie is sitting on the 3 seater sofa with her laptop, her mother on the 2 seater, with a plate on her lap and D is at the table finishing his beer after lunch.

Susie: Oooo! The Eden Project are making a beer -made from sloes, hawthorn berries and-

Mother: Susie. D is trying to listen(!)

Susie exits hastily, upstairs to collect college work from the printer, but enters the bathroom, shutting the door behind her instead.

Susie: Yet no-one ever bothers to keep quiet when i'm interested in something on the television.

Susie releases her anger, by her fists striking into her flank. Flushes the toilet and exits. She returns downstairs after collecting the paper from the printer, pretending she wasn't bothered by the comment.

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