Monday, 11 January 2010

Scales of Doom

...and our survey says?

i knew i had gained even more, but i now weigh more than my mother - in fact more than i've ever done, and of course have more to gain to get to where i should be. No wonder i feel so lethargic with all this extra weight!
I need to:
  • keep a food diary again
  • go back to daily weighing - yes i know it doesn't give a true picture but it keeps my mind of the job.
  • cut out all the bad food
  • and make sure i go to the gym twice a day where possible during the week. But at least once for sure. And maybe even brave the crowds at weekends, although i'm not sure my nerves will take that yet.

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Bippidee said...

I know it is horrible when you have gained weight, and you feel like you desperately need to lose it, but I don't think that going to the gym twice a day is a very good idea - it is a bit overkill. Even going every weekday is an awful lot, but twice may be a bit excessive you know? I can definitely relate though. I am doing the food diary thing at the moment too, but it doesn't seem to be helping really, as it just results in long lists of everything I have eaten! x

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