Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Chased down by hunger

If i don't obey it, it nags.

Why won't it leave me alone? A Sandwich, a sushi pack, fruit, small bowl of cereal, Options hot chocolates - all extras throughout the day as well as 3 meals a day. Its gone from anorexia to Over Eating. Obesity here i come, only one more BMI point to go and i've reached you arms.
I want to sedate my way out of it - i think tomorrow i should but must remember to set my alarm for 2.30pm for an appointment. Must also remember to keep it under control and not go OTT as much as i'd love to. An OD a fews days before a psych appointment may not be the best move.
Or i could go overboard, land myself in my local psych unit & reverse time by 3 years and stop eating again.
Or i could just get the blades out again, not say a word to anyone and carry on regardless - as i have been for what seems like forever.

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