Tuesday, 13 January 2009

ED Bites - Scared into gaining weight

Carrie over at ED Bites recently mentioned that she would be posting a series on the Biology of EDs including health complications.

I made a comment on the post and in response, today, Carrie has shared her views on my hope that reading something about medical complications may just scare me into gaining weight.

It doesn't sound harsh at all Carrie, as i believe there's no point in pussy-footing around issues. As i've said to mum when i've watched her looking at me and thinking things, it's no good keeping thoughts inside, even if they may hurt the other person - I guess i tell her that because then it gives me permission to get things out that i really need to say to her!

I understand everything Carrie says and i think i probably knew it already. I certainly knew the short answer and probably the basics of the long answer (but didn't want to admit it). When i think about things now, in fact just recently i found myself thinking "well, thats another one to cross off the consequences/complications list".

As for finding help. I have it in some ways. Well, i have support there if i need it rather than someone encouraging and helping me to impliment plans, which gives ED an easy route really. M, is more like a normal CPN, who just happens to see only people with EDs and my GP keeps an eye on me once a month. Short of being hospitalized to either an ED unit (which, although M says i'm not sectionable in her opinion right now, i fear it may come to) or to a general ward due to medical complications, i think both Carrie's answers will continue to apply.

Thank you Carrie, for responding to a remark that i could probably explained myself, should i have chosen to be totally honest.

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Lola Snow said...

Ed's and honesty don't make great bedfellows huh? So far today I have already had to spend 3 hours thinking about things I would rather pretend don't exist. Trouble is I've been doing that for 13 years and it got me to here. Time to do things a little differently me thinks

Lola x

Susie said...

Ed's and avoidance together, on the other hand.......

take care


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