Sunday, 18 April 2010

Someone turn it off!

One of the reasons i hate breaking my routine so much is that i find it so hard to regain control.

Treats & eating out galore for the last 3 days but now i can't or rather don't want to stop it, however the tiredness has hit & now i have nothing left to give. The sofa & a recording of Britains Got Talent is as much as my brain is up to right now. Even the horrible appetite has gone finally, i don't even have the energy to eat anymore, which is good because i've eaten more than enough today already.

If i don't lose weight when restricting & exercising, then there's no way i can keep these indulgent eatings. I even walked back to nan's from town yesterday - 45 minutes across brighton - as a brisk pace, up the hills to the back of the town.

The tears are there waiting, but they will have to wait a little longer until i'm alone.

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