Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Afternoon Nap

Mum just came home to find me asleep.......

I'd gone to sleep at 4.30pm, woken at 5pm, turned over & went back to sleep, woken up at 5.30pm thought i had half still before mum & D got home so turned and fell asleep again........until mum sat on my bed and woke me up at 6pm.

The last time she came home to fnd me asleep in bed i'd ODed, she couldn't get any sense out of me, struggled to get me to A&E where i promptly started fitting, was taken to resus & had another seizure.

Mummy, I'm sorry i worried you. This is why i make sure i'm awake normally before you get home. I honestly do have a nap like this in the afternoon sometimes, & i do get in bed and pull the covers over me then too.

I'm sorry. xxx

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