Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Cosmetic Surgery

I'm seriously considering it. Just to get rid of the bits i don't want. Not to enhance, not to shape bone and not on my face.

Just a little removal of the wobbly bits/stuff. The bits i now can't seem to shift with diet or exercise.

I'm not stupid enough to go abroad for it because its cheap over seas (but after a flight/travel etc its probably just as expensive.) but i am tempted by one well know company's offer of a free consultation. That just sounds too good to be true though. Is it really totally free? Or just free i you agree to a procedure. Like opticians who often offer free eye tests when you buy any pair of glasses.

I wish i knew someone who had been there & had the work done.

Then of course there is the issue of money. I'm not totally sure i want to spend the only savings i have. Maybe if i win the lottery - perhaps i should start playing the lottery more, then i'd have more chance of winning! I don't qualify for their £79 a month finance deal because you have to work full time for that.

Hmmm ok. i need that lottery win...... prices from £2965............. i really can't afford that.

I really wish i could though.

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5 Kids With Disabilities said...

I know exactly what you mean...not really changing anything, just getting rid of the loose parts! Maybe you WILL win the lottery, or a rich relative might die and leave you lots of money. Anything is possible!
Lindsey Petersen

Susie said...

Well none of my relatives are rich & i certainly wouldn't want any of them dying anyway!! that would be the worst thing possible...

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