Sunday, 2 May 2010


can you develop PTSD from hospital admitions? or are the just all mixed in wih the crap thats going round in my head?

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Anonymous said...

My opinion is yes. I've been damaged by bad mental health care, mostly from hospitals, but not exclusively, in long enduring ways. And that was only the subtle, lying to me stuff. There are people who are raped and other such things that are understandably PTSD inducing that happen in hospital.

Susie said...

It wasn't abuse or anything but just the general stress. Is that why i can't get the memories/day dreams/kind of flashbacks out of my head?

Just stressful experiences, that i guess i brought on myself in many ways - like being chased around a park by police aged 14 having absconded from the ward.

When my college tutor was talking about the lovely plants there, all i could see in my head was a scene of me being chased, caught & taken to the ranger's hut, where i decided i had had enough of life.

Its memories like that, which are crystal clear.

rielouise said...

My opinion is absolutely. I've been sectioned a couple of times and forcibly medicated. Although I recognise that they did what they had to do at the times it still left inner scars.

Susie said...

where do you draw the line though between inner scars & distress and PTSD?

Is this just a few (dozen) bad memories or something that needs resolving (it indeed it can be) ?

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