Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Signs of a bad shrink

In todays session examples were given as follows by Terry Pratchett:

  1. Doing up of flies, obviously having seen he had forgotten to do so after returning from a bathroom break between clients. Good job i avoid eye contact, sadly i still have ears!
  2. Falling asleep. Identified by closing of eye, nodding of head, turning off of heating, shifting position constantly etc etc. Sadly the lack of eye contact worked in his favour here - he probably thought i didn't notice a lot of the time, because i can't kep eye contact (or look in that general direction).

I have 2 theories about the sleeping thing. 1 is that he is genuinely crap. The other is that he was tricking me & because he thought that i thought he was asleep, he knew i would talk (because i thought he wasn't listening) more openly.

However we (unsuprisingly) didn't talk about anything new, covered the same old crap & i listened to the same old psychobable - even if there was less of it due to the napping, it was still the same old stuff.

And i left feeling just a shit, and cried all the way home yet again. Next question is how honest should i be when K calls me tomorrow morning?

2 people had something to say about this:

cbtish said...

Completely, brutally honest, I would suggest.

Susie said...

about myself? or about the crapness of him? She knows about me generally, in fact i think she's expecting it, hence why she's calling me. Actually i'd be interested to know what she thought of him when she spoke to him.

I don't think mum believed me when i told her (about him - certainly didn't tell her about me!)

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