Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Theories to fit

Only 2 more sessions (although thats what he said last week) of seeing TP before the "extended assessment" period is over, and i can legitimately say i've given it a chance.

It became clear to me today that he doesn't know me at all despite trying to suggest he knows whats going on in my head & how i may have felt as a child etc.

This week as we were talking he came out with;

"You must feel very trapped having people around you and watching you instantly"

What the fuck??!!

"I'm on my own most of the day. I don't see mum btween 8.30am & 6pm or D between 8am & 5.30pm!" I replied

"Oh. Well, it must get very lonely being on your own most of the time."

Talk about changing your mind. He just seems to come out with more crap each week, when he's not falling asleep! Not so much of that this week, but then he was 30 minutes late, so we did only have half a session again. But i'm pretty sure he didn't hear anything i said about horses and the way they made me feel when i worked with them.

But i truely don't care anymore. i'm past being upset by the sessions - or maybe my mood has just slipped lower that the upset stage again. I just want it to be over now, i'm fed up with driving for 30 minutes for an appoinment that lasts only that length of time to then drive home for another 30 minutes, especially as its to do something i really don't want to do in the first place.

time to go to the gym before seeing M.

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