Friday, 12 February 2010


I knew i should have bought that cereal - just because it looked so tasty and the cereal bar version really is extremely yummy - i knew i should have bought it. The well intentioned bowl measured bowl for pudding turned into eating from the packet and more with milk once i was alone. The "i've started so i'll finish" feeling kicked in and before i knew it there were 3 small chocolate biscuits inside of me too.

According to my calculations i'm still not over THE limit but i am way over MY limit. The LBT class, warm on the reactor pads, pilates and induction session on the X bikes were not enough today. Not now anyway.

The weekend stress eating seems to have started early. Any the fear of too many people means a trip to the gym tomorrow is just not possible. Looks like i will be working extra hard on monday, i just need to remember that.

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