Thursday, 11 February 2010

Food Diary

"Why did you start keeping a food diary again?"

This was the question posed by the dietician.

I struggled to answer straight away and had to think about my answer, as i realised there were a range of answers.

  1. To keep a track of calories
  2. To keep track of all the extra little snacks

These where the 2 answers I gave her, but continuing the food diary tonight i started to think more about why i'm doing it and the habits i'm getting back into.

  • I'm back to weighing everything right down to vegetables and fruit
  • i was even thinking about how to weigh a pear in bed last night, without having to cut it up first. Simply weigh it before, much away and the weigh the core after. Ta Dah!
  • Yes, it's stopping the snacks but when i add it all up, it shows how little i am eating.
  • Although i like seeing the numbers, i'm still not actually eating near the RDA for calories for women, but then i'm still not losing any weight either, despite at least 90 mins at the gym 4 days a week.

So anyway day 3 of higher protein diet, dietician said there was nothing she would advise changing in the diet, she didn't even say eat more, but as i'm not losing any weight i clearly don't need to eat more!! So blood tests on monday and just continue to work hard at the gym. 2 classes tomorrow morning, in fact i must remember to book in for next week's classes, so i'll do that right now! I'm certainly getting my moneys worth!

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The Woollen Typist said...

Hi. Sorry I've not been around lately...I've just been at a loss for words sort of...commenting-wise.

I've found that keeping food diaries (for me) actually makes me eat more and when I feel insecure I tend to stop keeping's like the more I think about food/write about it, then the more I eat...and it scares me.

As for pears...because, oddly enough, that's been an issue for me too...I've taken to eating the whole thing...the core included...have started doing this with apples too. Unfortunately it makes thing so much easier. It's all just giving into ed behaviours I know...but...I don't know.

I get ridiculed by my own family for weighing things out...which doesn't help. :(

Hope seeing the dietician goes well and helps. xx:)

Susie said...

Sometimes its impossible to know what to say - i know there's a blog i read who is really struggling right now and i wish i knew what to say, without sounding totally patronising.

Not sure i could eat the core of a pear, and certainly not an apple. Normally my easy option it citrus fruit, no matter how much mess i make!

As for family, my mothers comment of "do you really want to be doing that?" when i mentioned i'd had a protein bar between exerise classes, reminded me why i don't talk to her about it!

Dietician seemed like a waste of time to be honest, i just got the normal comment of try and get the right balance of food groups, bla bla bla. That would be wonderful if they made low calorie/safe food with high levels of calcium in it, but a better balance isn't going to do much to help for the weight loss!

hope you're well,


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