Tuesday, 24 November 2009

CBC News - Montreal - Depressed woman loses benefits over Facebook photos

CBC News - Montreal - Depressed woman loses benefits over Facebook photos

Ok, so i'm paranoid enough already about the DWP & feel like i'm a fraud etc etc but stories like this..... well actually i'm not sure how it makes me feel. I look at the photo in the article and to me that doesn't show severe depression. I take the woman's point about being happy in the moment and the problems still being there before and after the moment, but even so i'm pretty sure (in fact certain) that there are no photos of me posing in a bikini - but then with the state my body is in, plus the open wounds on my body mean i will never ever wear a bikini again, and haven't done since age 12. In fact for me wearing a short sleeve t-shirt in public is a miracle these days!

Anyway, i'm off to check my facebook photos, just incase, however i think the most i will see is a photo of me on holiday on a beach when i went away with my parents (yes - it is no longer my mum and step-dad - i call them my parents. Its only taken me 13 years!) but even then i'm wearing long shorts & a long sleeve jumper (i may have gone as far as to push my sleeves up...) on a sunny day. But a holiday with your parents aged 23? Hmmm, maybe that doesn't exactly show someone, an adult, who can cope on their own.

Yep - no photos of me in social situations above the age of 15.... quite sad really, isn't it? Maybe i need to stop being so paranoid, although it kind of comes with the depression i guess.

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Seeker said...

This news story is crazy!

If you lived with my daughter here at my home, you would have no doubt that she gets very depressed and is desperate about many things in her life. However, she has developed the ability to hide it once she goes out the door, to put on a happy smiling face. Outside the house, you would never dream she was depressed!

There have been several famous comedians who have suffered from depression. Are we to think that their depression is not real because they can get on stage and tell some good jokes? You often read of actors who are depressed as well; I am sure they are good at hiding their depression too. Many of us also become 'actors' in our daily lives and learn to hide our problems. Let's face it: most people just aren't interested and would soon not want to know anyone who went on about their problems!

I love the brilliant words from 'Eleanor Rigby' by the Beatles:

'Waits at the window, wearing a face she keeps in a jar by the door,

Who is it for?'

Sadly, a great many of us know all about that face we keep in a jar and only wear when we go outside.

'All the lonely people, where do they all come from?

All the lonely people, where do they all belong?'

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