Friday, 13 November 2009

What a week...

By Tuesday it was all too much. I wanted to sleep, to escape. i don't know what i took when but the cocktail i swallowed i thought in my mind would just let me escape the world for a bit, but i don't think i realised how out of control i was already.

The last thing i remember is buying some over the counter sedatives tesday afternoon (i think).

Poor mum came home to find me semi-conscious in bed, and some how got me in the car and off to A & E, where apparently i had a seizure while being assessed, and then again after being moved to Resus. I woke Wednesday morning on EMU (emergency medical unit), with mum still by my side. I finally got passed all the doctors, nurses, crisis team's checks at 11pm that night.

Mummy, i'm sorry. i just needed to escape the thoughts in my head. I wish i could be a better daughter to you.

Maybe with my tongue half covered in ulcers where i bit so badly it during the seizures, this is the kick start i need to get my eating and weight back under control.

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The Woollen Typist said...

Only just started following some blogs on blogger.

Thought I'd say hi and hope you are ok now. Please don't try and take a cocktail of pills next time. I've been through my own patches of severe depression and so can sympathise with how awful it is.

Woollen Typist. :)

Seeker said...

Am so sorry this happened to you, but very glad you survived it; I was worried about you.

I wish I could do or say something to help. Will pray for you though. Take care.

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