Saturday, 28 February 2009

The wrong way!

No! No! No!

Having this tooth out was meant to keep the scales down not make them go up! Its all gone wrong, in more ways than one, and now i'm left stressed and feeling like a lard arse.

Tuesday i developed a migraine and had to spend the day laying down in the dark. Wednesday was better but i still had no energy at all to do anything much with a thumping head ache. Thursday was judgement day for the tooth. It came out in the afternoon but that then meant i couldn't do any activity for fear of it starting to bleed again. However it decided to start bleeding overnight anyway and i had to have it sorted out yesterday again, which meant another day of nothing, to make sure it didn't start bleeding again.

Thats it now though. This weekend i need to work my socks off. I mean somehow i've gained weight rather than even maintaining or losing weight.

I feel fat, frumpy, lazy. Mainly fat though, right around my stomach. i feel like i could poke at the fat on my tummy and it would wobble. Probably only be noticeable to me though.

Its not fair. It wasn't supposed to be like this. What if its that medication? I started taking it again this week. I'll see how the cleaning and gardening helps. At least it gives me the motivation to move my lardy arse.....

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Lola Snow said...

You've been very quiet Susie Belle. I hope that you are OK

Lola x

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