Thursday, 24 September 2009

I'm not a real woman though

There was an article recently entitled "Real Women Have Belly Fat" which at first i found a comfort. But i have to say, it comforts me no longer. I have had enough of feeling folds and creases in my skin, it is not me. I have never had then and neither do i want them!

I must find some energy and get to a gym. I think i would actually be more likely to be motivated if i have actually paid out for something. I'm so tight with money that i can't stand to waste something if i've paid for it. With the cost of a gym membership these days, i certainly would get my moneys worth!

Trouble is, i think i have some work coming up mid november, i start a course, which is one day a week (with about 2 days homework), in 7 days time and right now despite changing the meds i still don't have the energy. But maybe if i got going it would give me the energy? Maybe i could motivate myself to take up jogging? I think it unlikely as for some reason i prefer running on a treadmill, to outdoors. I think it is because i can really put my head down and get into a rhythm in the gym.

I just don't know how to motivate myself when i feel to fatigued and sedated. Maybe tomorrow weigh in will kick me into action. I feel like i've gained another couple of kilos!

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