Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Had enough

I'm too hot (over 25 degrees C is too much for me), i'm still kind of tired, i'm hungry (so whats new!)

and now i'm getting pissed off because i can't change the font or size back to normal.
my bulging, scar covered stomach is poking out between my top and my shorts. i just want it to go away. i'm fed up of looking pregnant. i want to be slim again but how can i be when i'm constantly hungry and have no energy for exercise.
48kg this morning. thats about 5kg where i'd like to be - where i used to be.
i cry because i'm fat. i put it down to tiredness. should i consider the fact i took myself off the lofepramine a couple of months ago? maybe i'll just stick with the tiredness theory for a while longer. time for a nap.

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