Saturday, 28 March 2009

Quote of the Day

And the award goes to...........

My Mother!

"Susie, you are not in anorexic."

cue hysterical crying and laughter from me.

"You are a control freak."

next she'll be telling me i'm not really depressed either......

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Seeker said...

This actually made me smile........

My daughter - whose brush with anorexia was long ago, back in the late 90s - is still something of a control freak!

What worries me is that these days the experts seem to be saying that anorexia is not about control. With my daughter though, it definitely was very much about it!

Sending you hugs and god wishes.

Susie said...

Just another example of off the cuff remarks that fly around in this house.

thank you for the hugs. much needed right now.

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